Human resources

The basic point of the company's mission of our Human Resources application, create a vision and overall policies. General policy of the Human Resources Department to the fore by keeping the work light can be stated as follows;

  • Learning to be a company,
  • All employment quality, to establish awareness of environmental and occupational safety,
  • Self-development of employees, provide effective training opportunities,
  • Ensure that all employees contribute to the development of the company in line with the objectives set.

    Which aims to establish METRORAY Human Resources management system that has both could use the human potential of the most effective and efficient manner, the new will as well as the staff will be able to become qualified personnel with reinforcement by to compete with systems and advanced technology superiority. This approach is the basis of human resources management principles and policies are as follows:

    Allowing the comparison of intensive in-house staff need to have to project-based work is carried out as quickly as possible and developed a reliable system.

    The evaluation and the basis for the development of a training and development policy of the competence of employees in accordance with their mandate was adopted. Organizational policies and personal development needs are determined by the Human Resources department with the operational goals for every employee considering training programs provided.

    Construction application process is the basis of expert groups and project-based management approach and process in an organizational structure consisting of groups that support them are available. In this context, employees have the opportunity to work in various functions and managers in the area where they are grown as a candidate. Eligible projects will be evaluated when the human resources within organizations as a priority.

    The performance of employees, department / project to achieving the objectives, active participation in the development and improvement of the company activities, business results, evaluation by administrators on the basis of competence and efficiency is adopted.

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