The company Elektroline a.s. was founded in 1991 in Czech Republic. Elektroline is engaged in area of production and deliveries of conventional catenary systems for tram and trolleybus tracks. From 1995 the Elektroline’s scope includes also systems for remote controlling of switches, systems of controlling in depots, heating of switches, and other devices. Elektroline is assisting Metroray in design, installation and commissioning stages as the solution partner of Metroray for conventional catenary systems in various projects.


PESA (Pojazdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz) is a company manufacturing railway vehicles based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. PESA is a successor to the Bydgoszcz repair shops of PKP Polskie Koleje Pastwowe, Polish State Railways. As representative of Pesa, Metroray believes to be one of the major competitors in light rail vehicles’ market in Turkey.


Emil Furrer and Arnold Frey founded the electrical overhead line contact organization of Furrer+Frey in 1923. Since then, the company is specialized in designing, applying, maintaining and rapairing overhead lines and rigid catenary systems in Switzerland. Metroray, as the believes of Furrer+Frey, is transferring this know-how into the projects taken.


COMSA is the second largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructures and technology sector. With over one hundred years of experience, COMSA centers its activities in the Infrastructures, Engineering and Systems, Environment, Services and Logistics and Concessions and Renewable Energies sectors. In last five years Comsa is investing in Turkey. Currently Comsa is leading several railway projects in several cities. Metroray’s partnership started with Comsa in Bursa and growing in a fast manner.


The Hera Group was formed in 1984. Its aim since then has been to provide excellent service in the field of responsible environmental management. The Group was originally founded to solve the problem of waste generated in the Barcelona area (Spain). Today the Hera Group is present not only in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe and Latin America. Metroray’s partnership with Hera aims to protect the environment and the health and safety of people in the provision of all of their services.